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The Indoctrination Game


 Speaker Series

Professor Economics Department at Ben Gurion University

Mar 26, 2024

15:00 PM
Room 313
Building 96

The indoctrination game is a full-information contest over public opinion. The players exert costly effort to publicly express their private opinions, striving to dominate the discourse and thereby steer the prevailing opinion to  align with their own. Our research provides a theoretical basis for the phenomena of the silent majority and vocal minority. We demonstrate that, in equilibrium, moderate opinions are suppressed, thereby affording extremists unbridled control over the dialogue. Furthermore, we show that heightened exposure to diverse perspectives escalates the perceptible polarization within a given population.  Drawing on these insights, we formulate a new social-learning framework, referred to as  'an indoctrination process'. Consistent with empirical evidence, our findings forecast a monotonic escalation in polarization as societal interconnectedness intensifies.

About the Speaker

Prof. Lagziel is a Senior Lecturer in the Economics Department at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. He earned his Ph.D. in Mathematics, specializing in Game Theory, under the supervision of Prof. Ehud Lehrer, in the O.R. and Statistics Department at Tel-Aviv University. His research spans the fields of Game Theory and Economic Theory, with a current focus on public debates. His latest studies, "The Indoctrination Game" and "Resource Windfalls and Political Sabotage," offer a game-theoretic perspective on public and political debates.

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