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Socio-Political Extremism in Europe and Beyond


Feb 26, 2024

13:00-15:00 PM
Room 001
Building 96

Overview:  Radicalisation and extremism are on the rise in Europe. Increasing evidence shows that exposure to radical online content increases polarisation and puts individuals at risk of committing political violence. BGU has a variety of research exploring this topic from social, computational, and political perspectives. Following innovative research, this academic symposium will focus on artificial intelligence developments in fields associated with radicalisation in everyday contexts. We will consider a key question: How can we challenge political radicalisation processes using AI developments?

Hub Description: The BGU hub on Digital developments and Social Extremism in Europe creates the first opportunity for researchers to collaborate and share results and insights. Each presenter will be given 20 minutes to share their research before discussions with the larger group. We welcome abstract proposals* from young scholars from all levels working on relevant topics: populist politics, polarisation, extremism, social exclusion, ChatGPT, AI and data mining, cyberspace and ethics, democracy and freedom of speech, AI designing and human rights, The EU and regulative policies, and more.

About D.Rad Project: As part of the EU Horizon-2020 international research project, D.Rad is a comparative study of radicalisation and polarisation in Europe and beyond. It aims to identify the actors, networks, and broader social contexts driving radicalisation, particularly among young people in urban and peri-urban areas. D.Rad conceptualises this through the I-GAP spectrum (injustice-grievance-alienation-polarisation) to move towards measurable evaluations of de-radicalisation programmes.

*Abstract will be accepted until 23/2/24, sent to the following emails:;

Confirmed Speakers: Prof. Sharon Pardo | Dr. Oren Tsur | Sophia Solomon

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